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"Advancing southward the giants become more and more irrepressibly exhuberant, heaving their massive crowns into the sky from every ridge and slope, and waving onward in graceful compliance with the complicated topography of the region…But the finest block of Big Tree Forest in the entire belt is on the North Fork of the Tule River…here for every old storm-stricken giant there are many in all the glory of prime vigor, and for each of these there is a crowd of eager, hopeful young trees and saplings… seemingly in hot pursuit of eternal life."
—John Muir from "The Mountains of California" (1894)

Less than 10 miles up the mountain from either the Dennison House, the Waterfall Cabin or the Bear Spring Cabin, Balch Park and Mountain Home State Forest are the secret jewel of the Sierra. Once a center of logging operations and a mountain retreat for San Joaquin Valley families seeking relief from the summer heat, Balch Park is now a county park within Mountain Home State Demonstration Forest. The state forest lies within Giant Sequoia National Monument and is considered to be one of the best managed forests in the West.

Balch Park and Mountain Home State Forest are home to many Giant Sequoia groves and notably the Methuselah Tree, the 6th largest known. Fishing, swimming, picnicking, scenic walks, hiking, horseback riding, backpacking and camping are recreational opportunities available to visitors.

The Giant Sequoia National Monument, Mountain Home State Forest and Balch Park offer hundreds of Giant Sequoias, archeological sites and geological wonders for you to hike, bike, climb, glide or ride horseback to.

Notable trees include the Adam and Eve Trees in Balch Park measuring 27 feet in diameter and standing 240' tall, the Methuselah Tree in Balch Park at 22' in diameter and over 3000 years old, and the unusual Oliver Twist Tree in Balch Park with a rare spiral twisting bark pattern.

Contact the Sequoia National Forest Ranger District at (559) 784-1500 and the Tule River/Hot Springs Ranger District at (559) 539-2607 Check out current events and info at Sequoia and King's Canyon National Parks (559) 565-3341.

There are several destinations and points of interest in our area in addition to the hiking and horseback riding trails and drives in the Giant Sequoias. The breathtaking views from Blue Ridge, Dome Rock and the Needles, the beautiful walks and lakes at Upper Grouse Valley, refreshing swimming holes and fishing spots on the Tule River (pronounced Too-Lee), numerous waterfalls, and the stunning fields of wildflowers in Yokohl Valley in the spring round out your experience of the Sierra. Pictures, maps and directions are in our recreation guide in your cabin.

Springville, California is a picturesque little village (population 1000) built on the banks of the Tule River that serves as the center of our ranching and orcharding community as well as a hub for all sorts of mountain recreation.

Visitors will find: Restaurants (pizza, Mexican, Chilean, burgers and fries, classic diner), unique shops, a market, weekly farmer's market, a new Park and children's Playground, a California Native Plant Demonstration Garden, a new Visitors' Center displaying local artists' work, an ambitious Tile Mosaic Mural in process by local artists, and the Springville Sierra Rodeo grounds.

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Springville, CA hosts some fun family events like the Springville Sierra Professional Rodeo and the Jackass Mail Run held annually in late April and the Hot Summer Nights Bull Bash professional Rodeo bull riding event in August.

Apple Festival craft and food fair, Fat Tire Mountain Bike Classic and the Apple Run in mid-October.

On Fridays in the summer we have regular Concerts in the Park staged in our brand new town park.

Check the Springville Chamber of Commerce website for up to date event schedules and information.


Check out the Springville Ranch website for summer events and farmers market information.