About Us

Three Springs Ranch is a family business run from our ranch in the Sierra Nevada foothills at 2700' near Giant Sequoia National Monument and 10 miles Northeast of Springville, CA.

We conduct an ongoing experiment with growing as much of our own food as possible in a large vegetable garden and two orchards. We also have a fish pond, and fields and woodlands for grazing our goat herd and free range chickens. We harvest downed trees for heating our home as well as our vacation rental cabins. We choose to exclude predators and pests naturally.

We own and manage three exceptional vacation properties (seperate from our ranch and each other) within or adjacent to Giant Sequoia National Monument. We endeavor to use the same respectful and sustainable practices in restoring, maintaining and stocking these getaway destinations as we do at our own homestead.

Our vacation rental house and cabins are only a 3 hour drive from LA and 4½ from the Bay area and are 30-45 minutes drive from the Methuselah (6th largest), Lady Alice and Adam Trees at Balch Park within Mountain Home State Demonstration Forest and Giant Sequoia National Monument, 20 - 40 minute drive to the lakes at Grouse Valley, 1 hour drive to Trail of a Hundred Giants on the Western Divide Highway, and 1½ hour drive to the Ash Mountain entrance to Sequoia National Park.

They are conveniently located half way between Springville and these lush Giant Sequoia Groves.

Our hiking and recreation binders in each cabin have maps and directions to local points of interest including Sequoia groves, swimming holes, local waterfalls, golf and a large family recreation center.

Three Springs Ranch supports these non-profit organizations through cash contribution and/or donation of stays: WildPlaces
Sierra Nevada Alliance
Sequoia Riverlands Trust
The Theodore Payne Foundation
The Community Water Center
Environmental Defense Fund
Valley Public Radio

We can be contacted at:
Three Springs Ranch
44124 Balch Park Road
Springville, CA 93265
phone (559) 539-2286, 9 am - 6 pm pacific time
fax (559) 539-2286